Research Centre for Medical Genetics
115522, Moscow,
Moskvorechye st., 1
+7 (495) 111-03-03
Mo-Fr: 9:00 - 17:00


  • Kutsev Sergey Ivanovich
    Doctor of medical science, Corresponding member of RAS, is the Director of FSBI Research Centre for Medical Genetics, Head of the Chair of Molecular and Cell Genetics in FSBEI HE Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University under the Russian Ministry of Health, Chief external expert in medical genetics of the Russian Ministry of Health, Chairperson of the Russian Ministry of Health Ethics Committee, President of the Russian Medical Geneticists Association.
  • Ginter Evgeny Konstantinovich
    Academic advisor
    Russian Federation Honored Worker of Science, RAS academician, Doctor of biological science, Professor, Academic advisor of the Federal State Budgetary Institution Research Centre for Medical Genetics.
  • Izhevskaya Vera Leonidovna
    Deputy Director for Research
    Doctor of Medical Science, Deputy Director for Research of FSBI RCMG, head of the Russian Medical Geneticists Society.
  • Zinchenko Rena Abulfazovna
    Deputy Director for Research and Clinical Work
    Doctor of Medical Science, Professor, Deputy Director for Research and Clinical Work, FSBI RCMG; Head of the Genetic Epidemiology Laboratory; Scientific Secretary of the Dissertation Council D 001.016.01 for the defense of Candidate and Doctoral theses majored in “Genetics” (medical and biological science) based on FSBI RCMG.
  • Tiumentceva Valentina Nikolaevna
    Head of administrative and business units
  • Nikulin Maxim Vladimirovich
    Chief Information Officer
  • Voronina Ekaterina Sergeevna
    Scientific secretary
    PhD in Medical Sciences, RCMG scientific secretary