Research Centre for Medical Genetics
1 Moskvorechye St,
Moscow 115522, Russian Federation
Mo-Fr: 9:00 - 17:00

SRC "Genome" of FSBI RCMG has the up-to-date equipment that allows you to carry out research work on determining the nucleotide sequence of DNA fragments, quantify the level of gene expression, number of copies, allelic discrimination, to use capillary electrophoresis, provide work using confocal and light microscopy, conduct research on the composition, structure and basic physicochemical properties of molecules by mass spectroscopy and chromatography, conduct studies of the physiology and structure of cells.

Head of the SRC "Genome"

Ryzhkova Oksana Petrovna

Research staff

  • Itkis Julia Sergeevna
  • Александрова Дарья Юрьевна
    Research Assistant
  • Федосеева Наталья Вячеславовна
    Research Assistant
  • Ковальская Валерия Александровна
  • Орлова Анна Александровна