Research Centre for Medical Genetics
1 Moskvorechye St,
Moscow 115522, Russian Federation
Mo-Fr: 9:00 - 17:00

1. General Provisions

  • The Shared Resource Centre of FSBI RCMG, hereinafter referred to as SRC, was set up in accordance with order of the FSBI RCMG Director No. _______ dated __________.
  • The SRC operation is in compliance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the FSBI RCMG regulatory legal documents, the FSBI RCMG development program, as well as these Regulations.
  • SRC focuses on the implementation of scientific research and ensuring the shared use of precision, high-priced scientific and technological equipment by FSBI RCMG subdivisions, as well as by any third-party users.

2. SRC FSBI RCMG Aims and Objectives

  • Improving the efficient use of expensive imported scientific equipment, computing and software with unique technical characteristics by providing services to the units and departments of FSBI RCMG, scientific research institutes of FARO of Russia and other agencies and institutions.
  • Ensuring the possibility to carry out any fundamental and applied research in the field of medical genetics and related disciplines at the up-to-date level.
  • Training and professional development of personnel and specialists in the field of medical genetics and related disciplines based on modern scientific equipment.
  • Current maintenance and development of FSBI RCMG material and technical base by upgrading the existing specialized complexes with modern, unique scientific equipment.

3. The principles for SRC FSBI RCMG functioning

  • The principles for SRC functioning are the provision of collective access to expensive technical equipment to all laboratories and structural subdivisions of FSBI RCMG, as well as to other institutes of FARO of Russia and other agencies and institutions.
  • The SRC material base consists of modern equipment and devices and FSBI RCMG records it as an asset.
  • FSBI RCMG takes over the newly purchased equipment and SRC uses it in accordance with these Regulations.
  • To arrange the work in new research areas, to adopt and introduce new methods and devices, SRC may involve specialists from other research units of FSBI RCMG and from other organizations in exceptional cases. The staff of SRC provides any measuring services or the users may perform measurement after checking their qualifications.

SRC FSBI RCMG Management

  • SRC as an internal structure is subordinate to the director of FSBI RCMG.
  • Direct management of SRC run by the head of appointed and dismissed by order of FSBI RCMG Director.

4. SRC FSBI RCMG Funding

  • Funding of SRC is made through FSBI RCMG due to the research work performed under the Federal Target Program and grants of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and the Russian Science Foundation, as well as other funds aimed at targeted support for SRC operation, including budget financing.
  • SRC uses the allocated funds to achieve the goals and solve the tasks provided for by the Development Program and this Regulation.
  • SRC users pay in part or in full for the supplies necessary to carry out their work included in the Unit's plan. Other compensations are determined by the concluded agreements.

5. Services provision

  • SRC renders services in accordance with the RF current legislation, including the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and in accordance with scientific and technical services provision agreements with organizations.
  • SRC provides the services for any third-party organizations and executes a contract between the contracting authority and FSBI RCMG. Anyone wishing to use the instrumentation and methodological base of SRC for the work purposes should forward an application in the name of FSBI RCMG Director.
  • The cost of services provided to the third-party organizations that perform research under government contracts concluded under the federal ministries and departments programs, as well as grants from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and other state funds shall be calculated taking into account the depreciation of equipment used, the cost of materials spent in accordance with the terms of the contract, FSBI RCMG invoices expenses and salaries of personnel performing the work.
  • All users shall guarantee the safety of SRC equipment. In case of any damage, the organization’s unit whose employee used and caused the damage to the equipment shall pay for its refurbishing from its funds in full.
  • The mention of the use of SRC FSBI RCMG equipment is mandatory in all printed works.