Research Centre for Medical Genetics
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Research Centre for Medical Genetics educational department seeks people for medical residency and PhD training programs who want to change lives, transform health care, and define the future of medicine. We accept highly qualified residents for theirs  training programs to gain experience diagnosing and treating patients with the full spectrum of genetic diseases, from rare conditions to more common cases. At the PhD training program aspiring biomedical scientists will acquire a broad background of knowledge and expertise in a unique research training environment of academic inquiry and scientific discovery, combined with exceptional intellectual and technological resources.

Head of Educational department

Bukharova Tatiana Borisovna
+7 (499) 320-61-40 +7 (926) 357-50-70

WoS Researcher ID: M-8546-2014
ORCID ID: 0000-0003-0481-256X
SCOPUS ID: 26026787200
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Department staff


Professional educational programs

The list of basic professional educational programs implemented at the Research Centre for Medical Genetics.

PhD and Residency programs

PhD and Residency programs

PhD training programs:

PhD in Biology
Full-time education: 4 years
Extension program: 5 years
PhD in Medicine
Full-time education: 3 years
Extension program: 4 years

Residency programs:

Laboratory geneticist
Full-time education: 2 years
Medical geneticist
Full-time education: 2 years

Internships programs

Internships programs

The Research Centre for Medical Genetics provides internships in the laboratories of the center for foreign students interested in modern medical genetics.

Continuing Professional Education Programs

Continuing Professional Education Programs

Spermiological research: 36 hours
Cytogenetic methods for the diagnosis of chromosomal diseases: 72 hours