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Ryzhkova Oksana Petrovna

PhD in Medical Sciences
Заведующая ЦКП (SRC «Genome»)
Head of Shared Resource Centre (SRC), Senior researcher of the DNA-diagnostics Laboratory at FSBI Research Centre for Medical Genetics, Associate Professor of Post-graduate and Residency Department of FSBI RCMG

In 2008, she graduated from SEI HPE Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University majored in Medical Biochemistry.

In 2010, she passed the FSBI RCMG residency majored in Genetics and underwent professional retraining at the SBEI APE Russian Medical Academy of Professional Education in Laboratory Genetics program.

In 2011, she graduated from the internship in “Forensic Medical Examination” of SEI HPE Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University.

In 2011, she defended her thesis: "Clinical and molecular-genetic analysis of isolated belt-finite muscular dystrophies, which are enzymopathies" in 03.02.07 specialty - genetics.

The area of ​​research is the study of molecular genetic bases, clinical genetic features and population mechanisms of the hereditary diseases distribution, the development of optimal algorithms and diagnostic methods, including using parallel mass sequencing (NGS) techniques.