Research Centre for Medical Genetics
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Moscow 115522, Russian Federation
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In 2000, she graduated from the Medical Faculty of Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy with distinction, and in 2002 passed the in-patient residency in "Genetics" specialty. She also has a certificate in the “Laboratory Genetics”, and is proficient in cytogenetic methods. She has been working at the FSBI Research Centre for Medical Genetic from 2002 until the present: first at the Mutagenesis Laboratory as a researcher, then as a senior researcher, and as a scientific secretary since 2010.

In 2004, Voronina E.S. defended her thesis on the topic “Assessment of Spontaneous and Induced Mutagenesis in Human Cells Depending on Vitamin Security” for the Candidate of Medical Science.

Research areas: Comprehensive assessment of the chemicals mutagenic effect at different levels of the human genome organization. Study of genetic stability of human stem cells. Cytogenetic characteristics of melanoma cell lines. She is the author of 52 publications, 4 chapters thereof were included in collective monographs, 1 methodical recommendations and 18 articles in refereed journals.