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Seven People Who Finished Their Postgraduate Study at the Research Centre for Medical Genetics Defended Theses in 2021

Seven postgraduate students who finished the postgraduate study at the Research Centre for Medical Genetics defended their theses in 2021. They were devoted to researching the DNA methylation markers in breast cancer, clinical-neurophysiological and molecular-genetic features of hereditary peripheral neuropathies. The problem of genomic editing’s increasing efficacy, genetic description of diseases with mitochondrial DNA’s integrity disruption, the role of extracellular DNA in oxidative stress, and several other current areas of contemporary medical genetics were also in the focus of theses research.

The Research Centre for Medical Genetics has a state-of-the-art research equipment base and expert scientific and educational staff. That allows postgraduate students to research the most topical trends with scientific excellence related to the diagnostics and treatment of hereditary diseases. Therefore, the results of research could be published in journals of the first quartile.

Tatiana Bukharova, Deputy Director for Educational Work at the Research Centre for Medical Genetics, Director of the Institute of Higher and Supplementary Professional Education, said the following: “The topics chosen by our postgraduate students for their theses have great research potential. We also hope that this scientific research will create a prerequisite for developing new trends in medicine. The leading laboratories worldwide are engaged in researching genomic editing’s increasing efficacy, the methylation markers in oncological diseases. Experts, who defended theses in the Research Centre for Medical Genetics, demonstrated great talent and aspiration to develop local medical genetics”.