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Participation in the ECA-2019 Conference in Austria (Salzburg)

The European Cytogenomics Conference (ECA 2019), the 12th International Conference on Cytogenomics was held in Austria (Salzburg) on July 06 – July 09, 2019.

The Conference focused on exchange of scientific information in cytogenomics, which linked it with molecular methods for genome and human genes research.

The Conference widely discussed the issues of clinical cytogenomics, the human genome structuring, role of genomic architecture, spatial organization of chromatin and “chromosomal catastrophes” in the etiology of chromosomal diseases, as well as the latest trends in constitutional and oncological cytogenomics. During the Conference, scientists from more than 12 countries made presentations on various issues of molecular cytogenetics, including six researchers from the FSBI RCMG (Russia).

The researchers of the FSBI RCMG Cytogenetics Laboratory, members of the European Association of Cytogenetics, actively attended the Conference (head of the Lab is Shilova N.V., Doctor of medical science).

Shilova N.V.,, the head of the Cytogenetics Laboratory, made an oral presentation at the scientific meeting of the marker chromosomes working group. Abstracts and posters presented:

- Shilova N.V.: N.Shilova, M.Min’zhenkova, Z.Markova, D.Guseva “An unusual apparently balanced de novo complex chromosomal rearrangement in a child with a mild phenotype”;

- Min’zhenkova М.Е.: M. Min’zhenkova, Z.Markova, N. Kuzina, N.Shilova: Three cases of mosaicism with an unbalanced translocation and a normal cell line;

- Markova Zh.G.: Markova Zh.G., A.A. Tarlycheva, M.E. Min’zhenkova, N.V. Shilova “Characterization and meiotic segregation of a supernumerary marker chromosome in the sperm of a phenotypically normal male”.

The following reports were made by:

- Prof. Zinchenko R.A., Dr. med. sci., Head Laboratory of Genetic Epidemiology: T.Vasilyeva, M.Min’zhenkova , N.Sukhanova, V.Kadyshev, A.Marakhonov, R.Zinchenko “Аssociation of congenital aniridia with pericentric inversion and 977 kb deletion in the 11p13 region”;

-Kadyshev V.A., Candidate of med. sci., leading researcher: T.Vasilyeva, M.Min’zhenkova, N.Sukhanova, V.Kadyshev, A.Marakhonov, R.Zinchenko: “High occurrence of chromosomal rearrangements among genetic causes of congenital aniridia in Russia”;

Chernykh V.B., Dr. med. sci., Head of the Reproductive Disorders Genetics Laboratory:  "Intertissue variability of gonosomal mosaicism in patients with sex chromosome abnormalities and DSD”;

The presentation aroused great interest among foreign colleagues.

Molecular Cytogenetics Journal (2019, 12(Suppl 1):30) published Conference abstracts

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