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The FSBI RCMG researcher attendance of the XXVII Russian National Congress "Man and Medicine"

The Congress was held online on April 6-9, 2020.

The Congress also included a NASBIO-2020 Scientific and Practical Conference.

The National Association of Biobanks and Biobanking Specialists (NASBIO) set up in 2018 organized the Conference in a view of developing and maintaining the interaction of biobanks in Russia.

The Conference focused on the topical issues of biobanking. Russian and foreign experts discussed the role of biobanking in the development of modern medicine, problem of local and international standards, safe storage of data in biobanks, and practice of international collaboration. The reports also reflected the practical aspects of the Russian biobank network creation. The participants to the Conference raised the issues of possibilities and prospects of cells and tissues biobanks for biomedical research, modern biomedical technologies, including cryopreservation, and possibilities of biobanking the material for subsequent evaluation of gene expression and other issues.

RAS Professor O. P. Balanovsky, Doctor of biological science, Chief researcher of the FSBI RCMG Human Population Genetics Laboratory (headed by Prof. E.V.Balanovska, Dr.biol.sci.) made a report at the Conference:

«Possibilities of a population biobank for assessing the prevalence of pathogenic and pharmacogenetically significant mutations in key populations of Russia».

You can listen the reports on the link to online broadcast of the Congress "Man and Medicine".