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Publication in Gene journal

Gene (impact-factor 3.331, Q2, IF 3.331) published an article by the researchers of the FSBI RCMG Genetic Epidemiology Laboratory (headed by Prof. R.A.Zinchenko, Doctor of med.sci.): 

Analysis of CFTR mutation spectrum in ethnic Russian CF patients

Petrova N., Kashirskaya N., Vasilyeva T., Kondratyeva E., Zhekayte E., Voronkova A., Sherman V., Galkina V., Ginter E, Kutsev S., Marakhonov A., Zinchenko R. 

Frequency distribution of CFTR gene variants differ between countries and ethnic groups. The article discusses the spectrum of detected mutations in Russian CF patients. The results were obtained in a representative sample. A comprehensive analysis of mutant alleles in CFTR gene allowed us to expand the spectrum of pathogenic mutations in cystic fibrosis patients.