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International Postgraduate Student Day

Postgraduate students of all specialties celebrate their holiday on January 21st - the international day of the postgraduate student.

Postgraduate studies - the first stage of scientific career, which lays the foundations of scientific knowledge, shapes the specific thinking of the future scientist and the nature of future scientific activity.

In the postgraduate course of the Institute of Higher and Supplementary Professional Education at the Research Centre for Medical Genetics the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel of higher qualification is carried out, able to independently and creatively conduct scientific research and carry out teaching activities in the field of biological and medical sciences in the specialty 03.02.07 «Genetics».

Postgraduate students of the Research Centre for Medical Genetics are enrolled in training programmes in the following areas:

  • 06.06.01 «Biological Sciences»
  • 30.06.01 «Basic Medicine»

Postgraduate training is carried out on the basis of scientific laboratories of the Research Centre for Medical Genetics and other scientific and medical organizations under the guidance of the leading scientists of the centre, conducting research in modern directions in the field of medical genetics.

Scientific work on the most current topics, including genetic technologies, is conducted for medical research.

To date, 14 postgraduate students are trained in the walls of RCMG. We congratulate them on the holiday and wish them a successful continuation of their scientific career, brilliant defense of their theses and obtaining the diplomas of PhD!

We wish you never to stop your professional development, make breakthrough discoveries and conduct interesting research!

You can read more about the postgraduate programmes at RCMG on our web-site in the section «Education»: