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Russian Science Day

February 8, the entire scientific community of our country celebrates its professional holiday - the Day of the Russian science. From the whole team of the Research Centre for Medical Genetics we congratulate all who are connected with scientific activity and those who have chosen for themselves the way of a scientist. We wish you inspiration and success in scientific search, new victories and interesting discoveries!

Science is the driver of intellectual potential and the pride of our country. Russian scientists are developing the most promising scientific areas, developing the latest technologies, making important discoveries.

According to the results of 2022, Russia ranks the 9th in the world in terms of research and development and the 17th in terms of research and development in higher education. This was told by Valery Falkov, the Minister of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia, in his report at the briefing «Science and higher education: key results and new solutions for the technological development of the country» in January 2023. 

The period 2022-2032 declared «The Decade of Science and Technology», within the framework of which the goals of the national level to increase the scientific and technological potential of the country, the development of priority areas of fundamental and applied research are defined for the Russian science and higher education system, development of human resources and popularization of modern scientific knowledge and technological achievements.

The Research Centre for Medical Genetics is the leading scientific center in Russia in the field of medical genetics and human genetics, and always contributes to the development of domestic science and technology.

The Centre conducts basic research, publishes scientific papers in the most authoritative scientific journals and provides scientific and methodological guidance to the Russian Medical and Genetic Service.

Scientific activity is one of the main directions of the centre’s work and is carried out under the scientific and methodological guidance of the Russian Academy of Sciences.                                            

For 2022 the staff of RCMG published 316 scientific articles, of which 123 - in foreign journals. 127 articles are included in journals indexed in the Web of Science Core Collection database, including 50 in Q1 journals. Also, the staff of RCMG published 1 monograph, 8 chapters in the national guide «Medical Genetics» and 7 chapters in other manuals, monographs and textbooks.

RCMG provides the opportunity to receive the most modern education in the field of medical genetics and human genetics on programmes of training in registrarship and postgraduate study, as well as programmes of supplementary professional education. Presence of own polyclinic base in combination with modern laboratory complex, equipped with high-tech equipment, makes RCMG a unique institution - all this allows to get fully fledged knowledge and practical skills as in the specialties of registrarship for «genetics» and «laboratory genetics», as well as the directions of postgraduate study in the scientific specialty «genetics».

The employees of RCMG are engaged not only in research and educational activities, but also in the popularization of genetic science. It is for this reason that in May 2022 a special media project was launched by the employees of the centre - a scientific and popular podcast «On the gene level» about medical genetics, aimed at a wide audience. In it, leading experts of the centre, doctors and scientists working in the field of medical genetics, in simple language, talk about the basic concepts and history of medical genetics, about hereditary diseases, their diagnostics and therapy, as well as the achievements of the world and the Russian genetic science.