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The Second International Symposium of Human Phenomics

Chief researcher of the Human Population Genetics Laboratory at FSBI RCMG (headed by Professor Balanovska E.V., Doctor of biological science) Professor RAS Balanovsky O.P., Doctor of Biological Science took part in the Second International Symposium of Human Phenomics, held on 30 October – 03 November 2018 in Shanghai (China).

The symposium discussed the issues of phenomics and human health, new technologies for population research, databases formation, a joint study of the phenotype and genotype.

In his report on the Genomic structure of the Far East populations in the Eurasian context, Balanovsky O.P. stressed the importance of study the gene pool of the Far East populations located at the junction of two migration routes, allowing tracing the genetic trail from Eurasia to America.