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The VII Congress of the Vavilov Society of Geneticists and Breeders

The VII Congress of the Vavilov Society of Geneticists and Breeders took place in St. Petersburg on June 18-22, 2019.

Plenary sessions and symposia held during the Congress highlighted modern trends in genetics and breeding, including medical genetics.

The Congress scientific program included presentations of more than 200 plenary and symposia speakers, as well as about 600 poster reports by authors from Russia, the USA, Germany, Finland, Australia — total from 33 countries.

More than 1000 participants attended the Congress.

FSBI RCMG researchers attended the Congress. The plenary sessions presentations were made by:

- Ginter E.K., RAS academician, Academic Head of FSBI RCMG

“The contribution of genetics to medicine”

- Izhevskaya V.L., Deputy Director for Research of FSBI RCMG

"Genomic testing and medical genetic counseling: what is right and wrong”.

Oral presentation made by:

Researchers of the Genome Editing Laboratory (Head is S.A. Smirnikhina, Candidate of medical science):

A.A. Anuchina "Development of inhibition mechanism for homologous connection of the DNA double strand breaks when editing the genome using CRISPR | Cas9 system;

Adilgereyeva E.P. “P.F508DEL editing in CFTR in iPSCs”.

Kochergin-Nikitsky K.S., Candidate of biological science, “Knockout DES alleles with mutations that cause cardiomyopathy”;

Kondratyeva E.V. talked about possible target genes that could be purposefully altered using a method similar to CRISPR/Cas, but with a slightly different mechanism involving the bases editing;

Balanovska E.V., Doctor of biological science, Head of the Human Population Genetics Laboratory: “Tour of the gallery of genetic profiles”;

The Laboratory researchers:

Prof. Balanovsky O.P., Doctor of biological sciences, chief researcher: “The population of Russia gene pool in the context of the world gene pool: autosomal and Y-chromosome projections” and “Fundamental and applied research based on Biobank of Northern Eurasia”;

Zaporozhchenko V.V., researcher, "NGS technology and Y chromosomal phylogeny: resolution limits”.

Agjoyan A.T., Candidate of biological science, senior researcher. “The gene pool of the Finno-Ugric populations: chronicles of migrations during the last five thousand years”.

Poster reports made by:

Researchers of the Research and Counseling Department (Head is Prof. Dadali E.L., Doctor of medical science):

- Akimova I.A. “Case of two hereditary diseases - rhabdomyolysis and girdle-limb muscular dystrophy 2A type, diagnosed in one patient”;

- Borovikov A.O. “Progressive myoclonic epilepsy of the third type: from the patient to the channel regulation study”.

Researchers of the Genetic Epidemiology Laboratory (Head is Prof. Zinchenko R.A., Doctor of medical science):

- Balinova N.V., Spitsyna N.Kh., Dzhaubermezov M.A., Zinchenko R.A. “Major haplogroups and the population structure effect on genetic diversity”;

- Vasilyeva T.A., Kadyshev V.V., Voskresenskaya A.A., Marakhonov A.V., Zinchenko R.A. “Uniformity of ratios of the PAX6 gene disorders types in patients with aniridia in different populations”;

- Petrina N.E., Balinova N.V., Marakhonov A.V., Getoeva Z.K., Mikhaylidi E.F., Dzhadzhiyeva M.Yu., Kadyshev V.V., Galkina V.A., Zinchenko R.A. “Mutation of c.358_360delgag as the most frequent in the GJB2 gene in Ossetians with non-syndromal sensorineural hearing loss”.

Researchers of the Functional Genomics Laboratory (Head is Skoblov M.Yu., Candidate of biological science):

- Sparber P.A. “Molecular mechanisms of splicing abnormalities in the ABCA4 gene in patients with Stargardt disease and cone-rod retinal dystrophy”;

- Filatov A.Yu. “Analysis of the effect of intron and exon variants of the PAX6 gene nucleotide sequence on splicing”;

- Freire Sh.M.V. “Multiple fetal malformations caused by pathogenic variants of the gene KIAA1109”.