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Participation in the 17th International Conference on Rare Diseases

The17th International Conference on Rare Diseases “Don’t miss a rare disease” took place on Poland, Serock on June 27-30, 2019.

The Conference discussed the diagnosis and treatment of lysosomal storage disorders, hereditary metabolic diseases, and rare monogenic syndromes.

In total, more than 300 doctors and researchers from different countries attended the event.

The FSBI RCMG Researchers made the following oral presentations:

- Zakharova E.Yu., Doctor of medical science, head of the Hereditary Metabolic Diseases Laboratory.  “Diagnosis of inherited metabolic diseases – the adventure quest from symptoms to NGS”;

- Baidakova G.V., Candidate of biological science, a leading researcher of the same Laboratory. “High-risk population screening for lysosomal storage disorders in Russia.”