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Article in Frontiers in Oncology Journal

Frontiers in Oncology (IF = 4,137, Q1) published an Article by FSBI RCMG Molecular Biology Laboratory team (head of the Lab. is Kostyuk S.V., Doctor of biological science:

Ribosomal DNA as DAMPs Signal for MCF7 Cancer Cells.

Malinovskaya E.M., Ershova E.S., Okorokova N.A., Veiko V.P., Konkova M.S., Kozhina E.A., Savinova E.A., Porokhovnik L.N., Kutsev S.I., Veiko N.N., Kostyuk S.V.

The article examined the phenomenon of accumulation of the transcribable region of ribosomal repeat (rDNA) in the total pool of extracellular DNA in some diseases. Change of rDNA amount in extracellular DNA in breast cancer compared with the control was analyzed, and the type of DNA sensors (TLR9 ​​or AIM2) stimulated in MCF7 breast cancer cells in response to the effects of extracellular rDNA was determined. The obtained results indicate that the ribosomal repeat contained in extracellular DNA leads to increased expression of the genes responsible for the survival of cancer cells; therefore, it is advisable to consider it as a possible object of cancer therapy.