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Article in Frontiers in Genetics / Genetics of Aging

Frontiers in Genetics / Genetics of Aging Journal (IF = 3,517, Q1) published an article by FBSI RCMG Molecular Biology Laboratory researchers (Lab head is Prof. S.V. Kostyuk, Doctor of biological science) 

Copy number variation of satellite III (1q12) in patients with schizophrenia 

Ershova E.S., Agafonova O.N., Zakharova N.V., Bravve L.V., Jestkova E.M., Golimbet V.E., Lezheiko T.V., Morozova A.Y., Martynov A.V., Veiko R.V., Umriukhin P.E., Kostyuk G.P., Kutsev S.I., Veiko N.N., Kostyuk S.V.

Copy number variations of satellite III (1q12) reflect the response of human cells to stress of various nature and intensity. Patients with schizophrenia are known to experience chronic stress. The research found that the copy number of satellite III in patients with schizophrenia is significantly reduced compared to a healthy control. The authors put forward two hypotheses: (1) the low content of the repeat is a genetic feature of SZ; (2) reduction of the repeats copies number is a respond to chronic oxidative stress. 
(Further research required to answer these questions.)

Front. Genet., 22 November 2019 |
The article is in the public domain: