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Article in Human Molecular Genetics Journal

Human Molecular Genetics (IF-2017 4,902; WoS Q1) published an article by FSBI RCMG Genetic Epidemiology Laboratory (head of the Lab is Zinchenko R.A.):

«LMO2 gene deletions significantly worsen the prognosis of Wilms’ tumor development in patients with WAGR syndrome»

Andrey V Marakhonov, Tatyana A Vasilyeva, Anna A Voskresenskaya, Natella V Sukhanova, Vitaly V Kadyshev, Sergey I Kutsev, Rena A Zinchenko. 

Human Molecular Genetics. doi: 10.1093/hmg/ddz168

The article focuses on genetic evidence of the LMO2 gene involvement in the development of Wilms tumor in WAGR syndrome.