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Genetics Gender Symposium "Genetico SeXY"

The symposium "Genetico SeXY", held on February 14, 2019 in Moscow, was devoted to genetic, medical and ethical issues of gender and its impairments.

Izhevskaya V.L., Doctor of medical science, a Deputy Director of the FSBI RCMG, chaired the section “Making decisions on the communication of abnormalities in a number of sex chromosomes in different clinical situations”.

The following presentations were made:

“Rare gonosomic abnormalities associated with impaired gender formation” by Chernykh V.B., Doctor of medical science, Head of the Reproductive Disorders Genetics Laboratory;

“Genetics of gender and transsexualism” by Khayat S.Sh., Candidate of biological science, Senior researcher;

"The problem of sex in preimplantation genetic testing (PGT)" by Musatova E.V., researcher of the Cytogenetics Laboratory (headed by Shilova N.V., Doctor of medical science).

The participants expressed great interest in the presentations and entered into active discussion.