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Happy Medical Worker's Day!

Dear Colleagues!

On the eve of the Day of the Medical Worker, I would like to congratulate you on your professional holiday!

Every day, more than 400 geneticists of the Medical Genetic Service of Russia fulfill their professional duty in close cooperation, improving the quality of life of patients with hereditary diseases, helping families plan their future, and shaping the medicine of the future.

Geneticists help in the most difficult cases, when it seems impossible to establish the cause of the disease, and therefore effectively help the patient.

Today, thanks to the development of medical genetics, tasks that were previously seemed impossible are being successfully solved: new pathogenic mutations are being identified, patients receive etiotropic treatment, and families are happy to have healthy children.

The rapid development of genetic technologies is provided by geneticists and laboratory geneticists with their daily work.

Dear colleagues!

We highly appreciate your difficult, vital work!

Happy Medical Worker's Day!