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Reproductive Health of Females and Males

About 700 people attended the conference.

The researchers of FSBI RCMG made oral presentations at the plenary session "Genetics and IVF: from a healthy embryo to a healthy child":

- Chernykh V.B., Doctor of medical science, Head of the Reproductive Disorders Genetics Laboratory - “Correction of errors or thorny way to a genetic diagnosis in reproductive medicine” and

- Shilova N.V., doctor of medical science, the Head of Cytogenetics Laboratory - "The phenomenon of age-dependent mosaicism on chromosome X in fertile women of reproductive age."

The reports aroused the interest of the audience and a lively discussion.

Full information about the event is available on the website and on the official website of the FSBI “National Medical research Centre for Endocrinology” of the Ministry of Health of Russia