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Publication by FBSI RCMG researchers in Diagnostics Journal

Diagnostics Journal (Impact factor 2.489, Q2) published an article by researchers of the FBSI RCMG Laboratory of Complex Inherited Diseases Molecular Genetics (headed by Prof. A.V. Karpukhin, Doctor of medical science):

The Genes—Candidates for Prognostic Markers of
Metastasis by Expression Level in Clear Cell Renal
Cell Cancer

Natalya Apanovich, Maria Peters, Pavel Apanovich, Danzan Mansorunov,

Anna Markova, Vsevolod Matveev,  and Alexander Karpukhin

For the first time, a gene panel has been created for predicting metastasis of renal cancer.
The association of gene expression NDUFA4L2, VWF, EGLN3, SAA1 and C1QA has been shown with metastasis of clear cell renal cell cancer. The CA9, NDUFA4L2, BHLHE4, and EGLN3 genes were identified as the strongest candidates for prognosis markers. Use of the gene panel allows you to obtain a prediction sensitivity of 88% with a specificity of 73%.

The results contribute to an understanding of the metastasis mechanisms.

Diagnostics 2020, 10(1), 30;

Special Issue "Urogenital Cancers: Diagnostic, Predictive, and Prognostic Markers"