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Recruitment for the cycle of advanced training for doctors "Hereditary ophthalmopathology in clinical practice" is open

Training dates: October 17, 2022 – October 22, 2022

Number of hours: 36 (6 days, 6 hours a day)

Form of education: full-time with the use of distance technologies

Professional Development Certificate

Department of Ophthalmogenetics of the Institute of Higher and Additional Professional Education of the Research Centre for Medical Genetics invites doctors to take accredited remote advanced training courses on the topic: “Hereditary ophthalmopathology in clinical practice”.

Head of the cycle - Vitaly Viktorovich Kadyshev, Head of the Department of Ophthalmogenetics of the Institute of Higher and Additional Professional Education, Head of the Clinical Center for Genetics of Eye Diseases, Senior Researcher at the Laboratory of Genetic Epidemiology, Curator of the Department of Ophthalmogenetics of the Russian Federation, Geneticist, Ophthalmologist of the Highest Category of the Research Centre for Medical Genetics, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor of Russian Academy of Natural History.

The lecture staff is extensive and includes specialists of various specialties (ophthalmology, genetics), candidates and doctors of science, Honored Scientists.

About the cycle

The form of education is full-time, with the use of distance technologies.  Training will be conducted in the form of webinars using the ZOOM platform in synchronous mode. It will be possible to ask questions to lecturers, participate in discussions, discuss clinical cases in real time.  The participants' computers must be provided with a camera, microphone, and speakers.  A high-speed internet connection is required.

Training dates: October 17, 2022 - October 22, 2022

The duration of the training is 36 hours (6 days, 6 hours a day).

The program is approved on the portal of continuing medical and pharmaceutical education of the Russian Ministry of Health.

The program is intended for ophthalmologists, geneticists, pediatricians, general practitioners, as well as doctors of other specialties.

The course covers in detail the pathological conditions, symptoms, syndromes of hereditary ophthalmopathology, their classification.  A complex diagnostic algorithm for verifying the hereditary pathology of the organ of vision, indications for performing molecular genetic studies in ophthalmology, interpretation of the results, modern methods of treatment and principles of rehabilitation of patients with hereditary ophthalmopathology are analyzed.

Submit your application here

To participate in the cycle, you need to register on the website of the the Research Centre for Medical Genetics and submit documents through your personal account according to the instructions on the website (the full list of documents is available in personal accounts): noe-education/

Documents for payment will be available in personal accounts after registration.

The cost of education for citizens of the Russian Federation is 20,000 rubles, for foreign citizens - 24,000 rubles. A standard state certificate of advanced training will be issued upon completion of training. It will be taken into account in the personal profile of specialists with medical education.

Detailed information

You can sign up and find out more information about the cycle by contacting the curator of the cycle by phone 8 (903) 296-47-24 or by e-mail Khalanskaya Olga Vladimirovna.

For questions about submitting documents and registering for a cycle, please call 8 (499) 320-61-40 or e-mail, Contact person - Elena Sergeevna Sipatova.

Our address: 115522, Moscow, Moskvorechye street 1, room 428.

Information letter - Hereditary ophthalmopathology in clinical practice