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O.P. Balanovsky held a live stream on the genetics of peoples

ScienceVideoLab YouTube channel, organized by the ANTHROPOGENEZ.RU portal, hosted the stream "Genes and Nationality. Oleg Balanovsky. P.S.". This is a postscript of his report "Myths about Genetics of Nations" at the "Scientists against Myths-5" Forum held in 2017.

Professor Oleg Balanovsky, Doctor of biol. sci., Chief Researcher at the RCMG Human Population Genetics Laboratory and Head of the Genomic Geography Laboratory of the RAS General Genetics Institute (IOGEN), answered the audience’s questions, including:

  • Is it true that all humans are descended from one woman?
  • To what depth can a descent of man be determined?
  • How do geneticists form a sample for population study?
  • What is known about eye color genetics? Can there be blue-eyed Mongolians?
  • Do mestizos have biological advantages?
  • Does genetics distinguish Russians from Ukrainians and are Ukrainians and Belarussians separate populations?
  • What is known about nasal shape inheritance?
  • What is the relationship between biological and social kinship in a tribal society?
  • Is it true that race is a biological notion whereas nationality is cultural and linguistic one?
  • Does the South Siberian race belong to the Mongoloid race?
  • Why do some genes mutate more often than the others? 
  • How does the diffusion of Turkic languages relate to the gene pool change? Is there a genetic commonality among the Turks of different peoples?
  • In addition, in what way are the Slavs and Finno-Ugric connected by the linguistic commonality and genetic similarity?
  • What will happen to our surnames in the future? Will they almost all disappear? Or will new ones arise?

The hosts are Alexander Sokolov ( and Vitaly Krauss (Scientific Video Laboratory). The stream is held within the project "Science Station".