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The Conference «Transeurasian Millets and Beans, Languages and Genes»

Conference “Transeurasian millets and beans, languages and genes” has been held in Jena (Germany) from 08 January to 11 January.

Chief Researcher of the Human Population Genetics Laboratory at FSBI RCMG (headed by Professor Balanovska E.V., Doctor of biological science) Professor RAS Balanovsky O.P., Doctor of Biological Science, made a presentation: In search for common features in spatial distribution of genetic and linguistic traits of Altaic speaking populations.

The report presented methods for comparing genetic and linguistic reconstruction of a history. The use of Mantel test, in which correlations between genetic and linguistic distances between populations were calculated, provided the comparison of genetic and linguistic diversity. The conclusion was made that the expansion of populations reconstructed according to genetic data was consistent in time and space with the expansion reconstructed according to linguistic data.