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The RCMG team published Cystic Fibrosis monograph

A team of authors prepared and published the 2nd edition of the Cystic Fibrosis monograph under editorship of N.Yu. Kashirskaya (Genetic Epidemiology Laboratory, headed by Prof. R.A. Zinchenko, Dr. of med. sci.), N.I. Kapranov and E.I. Kondratieva (Cystic Fibrosis Research and Counseling Department). The monograph is a fundamental work on the Cystic Fibrosis problem (Mucoviscidosis). Compared with the first edition of 2014, all chapters have been updated and new ones added, in particular, for the first time the issues of organizing palliative care in cystic fibrosis were raised. After a brief historical overview of the scientific and clinical research on cystic fibrosis over several centuries in the world, the book presents current views on the molecular and genetic aspects of the disease, modern diagnostic methods, neonatal screening, microbiology and epidemiology of infectious complications, the pathogenesis and clinical course of the disease, modern approaches to therapy and rehabilitation, the characteristics of adult cystic fibrosis and many other issues. This monograph summarizes the achievements of world science as well as the authors' own clinical experience, the list of which has been significantly expanded in comparison with the first edition.

The authors hope that the monograph will be useful for researchers, practicing physicians of various specialties, as well as students of medical schools, all of whom depend on how successful the fight for improving the quality, increasing the life expectancy of cystic fibrosis patients and the well-being of their families will be.


  • Prof. Yury Leonidovich Mizernitsky, Dr. of med. sci., Honored Worker of Public Health of the Russian Federation, Head of the Department of chronic inflammatory and allergic pulmonary diseases at the acad. Veltishchev Research Clinical Institute of Pediatrics under N.I. Pirogov Russian State Medical Academy of Medical Sciences under Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Moscow
  • Prof. Ludmila Pavlovna Nazarenko, Dr. of. Med. sci., doctor of the highest category, Honored Physician of the Russian Federation, Deputy Director for Research and Therapeutic Work, Head of the Hereditary Pathology Laboratory at the Research Institute of Medical Genetics, Tomsk Research Center, Professor of the Department of Medical Genetics, SibSMU of the Ministry of Health of Russia, Tomsk. CYSTIC FIBROSIS. 2nd edition, revised and added (under editorship of N.Yu. Kashirskaya, N.I. Kapranov and E.I. Kondratieva). - Moscow: MEDPRAKTIKA-M Publishing House, 2021, 680 p. ISBN 978-5-98803-450-6