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The team of FSBI RCMG congratulates Professor R.A. Zinchenko, Doctor of medical science, on awarding the title "Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation"

President of the Russian Federation by his Decree awarded this title to Professor RENA ABULFAZOVA ZINCHENKO, Doctor of Medical Science, Deputy Director for research and clinical work, Head of the Genetic Epidemiology Laboratory, for her great contribution to the development of science and many years of diligent work.

Dear Rena Abulfazovna!

The team of FSBI Academician N.P. Bochkov Research Centre for Medical Genetics congratulates you on the assignment of this honorary title!

Your long-term research activity is closely linked to the Research Centre for Medical Genetics. Over the years, you have had hundreds of publications in national and foreign journals, gaining recognition, fame, and indisputable scientific authority. You brought up a series of pupils in the field of medical genetics. Your many years of work in epidemiology of hereditary diseases in the Russian Federation were highly appreciated by the government. We wish you good health, inexhaustible energy and new creative successes for the benefit of Russian science!