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II Russian Winter School of Young Scientists and Doctors in Pharmacogenetics and Personalized Therapy

On 12 - 15 February 2018, the II Russian Winter School of young scientists and doctors in pharmacogenetics and personalized therapy took place in Moscow. The organizers of the School were the Society of Pharmacogenetics, Pharmacokinetics and Personalized Therapy (SOPPPT) and the FSBEI AVE Russian Medical Academy of Continuing Professional Education of the Russian Federation Ministry of Health.

Alexey I. Kalinkin, the FSBI RCMG Epigenetics Laboratory researcher (headed by Strelnikov D.V., Doctor of biological science) presented a report: “DNA methylation markers in assessment of response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer”. The report based on the results of their own research. The Russian Science Foundation supported this work, project No. 18-15-00430.

Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics journal published the report materials: Kalinkin A.I., Sigin V.O., Strelnikov V.V., Ignatova E.O., Kekeeva T.V., Nemtsova M.V., Zaletaev D.V., Poddubskaya E.V., Kuznetsova E.B., Tanas A.S. Methylation of the LTB4R gene as a marker of the potential sensitivity of triple-negative breast cancer to leukotriene receptor inhibitors // Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics. - 2018. - № 2. - p. 21-22.

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