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Centenary of Human Population Genetics” International Conference

The “Centenary of Human Population Genetics” International Conference took place in Moscow on 29-31 May 2019.

Experts from 19 countries attended the Conference, including scientists from the USA, UK, Germany, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Denmark, Italy, and Spain.

The Conference focused on the discussion of the research on gene pools of the world’s nations, ancient DNA analysis, possibilities of judicial genetics, population-genetic databases development, bio banks, new methods and computer programs, and also considered some interdisciplinary research (genetics in collaboration with archeology, anthropology, linguistics).

The FSBI RCMG Human Population Genetics Laboratory researchers (headed by Professor Balanovska E.V., Doctor of biological science) took part in the Conference and made presentations on:

Balanovsky O. “History of human population genetics in (post)Soviet countries” (plenary report);

Agdzhoyan A., Zaporozhchenko V., Lukyanova E., Zhabagin M., Bogunov Yu., Mustafin Kh., Balanovska E., Dybo A., Balanovsky O. “Synchronous expansion of Y-chromosomal lineages and Altaic languages”;

Lukyanova E., Balanovsky O., Bogunov Yu., Bergström A., Szpak M., Agdzhoyan A., Xue Y., Balanovska E. Genomic structure of the Russian Far East populations;

In addition, the Laboratory team co-authored 9 poster presentations.