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Within the 48th Scientific Session in CSRIoGE «Children’s Roots of Adult Problems» Passed the Section "Ethical Aspects of Hereditary Syndromes Diagnostics" on March 4, 2022

The section «Ethical aspects of hereditary syndromes diagnostics» was held at the International multimedia press centre IIA «Russia Today» within the 48th scientific session in CSRIoGE «Children’s roots of adult problems» on March 4, 2022. The organiser of the event was SFHI «Moscow clinical scientific and practical centre named after A.S. Loginov» of Moscow Healthcare Department.
The moderator of the section was the Deputy Director for scientific work of the Research Centre for Medical Genetics, Chairman of the Russian Society of Medical Geneticists, Holder of an Advanced Doctorate in Medical Sciences, Vera Izhevskaya.
The conference was attended by:

  • Head of the Genetics Department at the Centre for Medical Genetics «Genomed», PhD  Ilya Kanivets;
  • Head of the Onco-genetics Department of the Institute of Higher and Supplementary Professional Education at the Research Centre for Medical Genetics, Dmitry Mikhailenko;
  • Psychologist of the Center for Personalised Medicine at SFHI «MCSC named after. A.S. Loginov» of Moscow Healthcare Department, Tatiana Pochtennaya. 

Experts discussed the expediency and ethical aspects of molecular-genetic testing in relatives of a proband and the identification of asymptomatic mutation carriers. Particular attention was paid to hereditary oncological syndromes:
what allows the identification of mutation carriers among relatives to clarify the proband´s diagnosis
which dynamic observation schemes are recommended for asymptomatic carriers in onco-syndromes,
which psychological aspects should be taken into consideration while medical genetic counseling of conditionally healthy individuals with a positive test result for onco-genetic herminal mutation.
The proceedings of the Section can be found below