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Readings devoted to the 90th anniversary of Professor N.P. Bochkov will be held on October 23 at RCMG

On October 23 at 10:00 a.m. there will be readings devoted to the 90th anniversary of Professor Nikolai P. Bochkov. Nikolai Pavlovich Bochkov was one of the leading experts in the global genetics. His main scientific works studied the problems of mutagenesis and human population genetics. His proposed system for evaluation of the environmental mutagenic factors effect on humans and prediction of genetic effects based on his studies of radiation and chemical mutagenesis mechanisms in human cells. N. P. Bochkov has substantiated his approach for studying the relationship between the population structure and demography of hereditary diseases. He was the first to formulate the organizational principles for medical-genetic counseling in our country, to develop the principles for hereditary pathology and congenital malformations monitoring. In recent years, he developed the issues of gene and cell therapy.

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