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The Russian Society of Medical Geneticists is a non-profit public organization of scientists, physicians, and teachers working in medical genetics. The society has almost 500 members.

The main objective of the Russian Society of Medical Geneticists is to unite specialists to promote the most complete and comprehensive development of the national medical genetics and medical genetic health service of Russia, the professional growth of medical workers engaged in research, teaching and practical work in this area.

The official publication of the Russian Society of Medical Geneticists is the Medical Genetics scientific and practical journal, which has been published since 2002.

The Chairperson of the society is Izhevskaya Vera Leonidovna, Doctor of medical science, Deputy Director for scientific work of the Federal State Budgetary Institution Research Center for Medical Genetics.

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Address: 115478, Moscow, Moskvorechie Str., 1
Phone: +7 (499) 612-80-25, +7 (499) 324-15-34