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Polyakov Aleksander Vladimirovich

Doctor of Science / Professor / Член-корреспондент РАН
Head of the Laboratory (DNA-diagnostics Laboratory)
The country's leading expert in molecular genetics and DNA-diagnostics of human hereditary diseases, the author of more than 600 scientific papers, including 3 monographs and 1 textbook for universities.
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Polyakov A.V. graduated from Moscow Engineering Physics Institute in 1989. He became a researcher at the All-Union Scientific Center for Molecular Diagnostics and Therapy. In 1991, Alexander Vladimirovich was hired as a researcher at the DNA-diagnostics laboratory at the RCMG RAMS, where in a year he defended his candidate degree thesis on “Polymorphic DNA markers for DNA-diagnostics of Duchenne myodystrophy”. That paper was of fundamental importance for the development of DNA-diagnostics methods in Russia and was highly appreciated both from an academic and practical perspective.

Polyakov A.V. has worked at the DNA-diagnostics Laboratory of RCMG RAMS as a senior and then leading researcher since 1993, having managed a research team that develops diagnostic methods for various hereditary neurological diseases. His vast methodical experience and excellent scientific intuition allowed Aleksander Vladimirovich to create new technological systems for examination of such diseases as Duchenne muscular dystrophy, spinal ametropia, Kennedy disease.

Since 1998, Alexander Vladimirovich has been a lecturer at the Chair of Genetics of the Biomedical Faculty, Russian State Medical University. Leading national universities have repeatedly invited him as a lecturer.

In 2002, Aleksander Vladimirovich defended his doctoral thesis on the topic “Strategy for the identification of genetic loci in heterogeneous Mendelian hereditary diseases.” The same year he has become the head of the DNA-diagnostics Laboratory at RCMG RAMS.

In 2004, the Russian Federation Higher Attestation Commission awarded Polyakov A.V. the professor title in Genetics.

Today, Polyakov’s scientific focus includes the development of DNA-diagnostics of monogenic hereditary diseases, genetic mapping of new loci of heterogeneous Mendelian diseases, and the creation of testing systems for diagnosing genetic predisposition to multifactorial diseases.

Polyakov A.V. supervised 21 candidate and 5 doctoral theses that were successfully defended.

The main scientific results of Polyakov AV:

  • 4 genes have been mapped, which mutations lead to human hereditary diseases;
  • the molecular cause for three human hereditary diseases has been identified;
  • DNA-diagnostics protocols for more than 300 human monogenic diseases have been developed and implemented.

Polyakov A.V. teaches at the Biology Faculty of Moscow State University: he delivers a series of gene mapping lectures to 5th year students (2 lectures). Prof. Polyakov also teaches at the Chair of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics of the State Budgetary Educational Institution for Continuing Professional Education, Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education of the Russian Federation Ministry of Health (lectures on molecular genetics, DNA-diagnostics of hereditary diseases), and at the residency at FSBI RCMG.

Polyakov A.V. is a Member of the editorial board of Genetics, and Medical Genetics journals; a Member of Dissertation Councils D001.016.01 and D 002.214.01.