FSBI Research Center for Medical Genetic offers higher qualification educational programs for personnel, residency and training programs for scientific and teaching staff in postgraduate school. All educational programs have state accreditation.

The residency offers education in "Genetics" and "Laboratory Genetics", with 2 years duration period. Upon completion of training, a government-issued diploma of residency and a certificate of a physician-geneticist or a laboratory physician-geneticist are awarded.

Postgraduate education is in "Biological Sciences" and "Fundamental medicine" lasting 4 and 3 years, respectively. Upon completion of education, a postgraduate residency government-issued diploma is granted.

Genetics residency training in Medical Genetics at the Advisory Department of FSBI RCMG and Moscow hospitals is carried out under the guidance of experienced physicians-geneticists, including unique specialists, such as Dadali E.L., Rudenskaya G.E., Mikhailov S.V., Demina N.A. Chernykh V.B., Semenova N.A. Training in "Laboratory genetics" takes place at FSBI RCMG laboratories with the use of modern high-tech instrument base under the guidance of leading specialists – Zakharova E.Yu., Shilova N.V., Shchagina O. A., Ryzhkova O.P.

Postgraduate education at FSBI RCMG allows performing relevant research in medical genetics at a high level. Scientific advisors of postgraduate students are the FSBI RCMG scientists, which are leaders in the relevant research – Skoblov M.Y., Kostyuk S.V., Zinchenko R.A., Goldstein, D.V., and others.

Individual approach and attention to professional growth of each FSBI RCMG teacher allows training high-qualified professionals demanded at medical institutions and research centers.

Tatiana B. Bukharova


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Evgeny K. Ginter , Professor, Dr., Academician of RAS

Elena L. Dadali, Dr., Professor

Galina E. Rudenskaya. Professor, Dr.

IVera L. zhevskaya, Professor, Dr.

Svetlana V. Kostyuk, Professor, Dr. biol. sc.

Natalya N. Veiko, Professor, Dr. biol. sc.

Ekaterina Y. Zakharova, Professor, Dr.

Oleg P. Balanovsky, Professor, Dr. biol. sc.

Nadezhda V. Shilova, Associate Professor, Cand. med. sc.

Tatiana B. Bukharova, Associate Professor, Cand. biol. sc.

Andrey A., Associate Professor, Cand. biol. sc. Rudenko Victoria Vladimirovna, Associate Professor, Cand. med. sc.

Mikhail Y. Skoblov, Associate professor, Cand. biol. sc.

Svetlana A. Smirnikhina, Associate Professor,

Oksana P. Ryzhkova, Associate professor, Cand. med. sc.

Galina V. Shmarina, Associate professor, Cand. med. sc.

Vyacheslav B.Chernykh, Associate Professor, Cand. med. sc.

Tatiana G. Tsvetkova, Associate Professor, Cand. biol. sc.

Sabina S. Khayat, Associate Professor, Cand. biol. sc.



List of major professional educational programs, implemented at the Federal State Budgetary Institution Research Centre for Medical Genetics

1.     Training programs for scientific and educational staff at the post-graduate studies


Training Discipline Name

Training Discipline Code

Period of Training

Full-time attendance

Distance Education


Biological sciences


4 years

5 years


Fundamental medicine


3 years

4 years

2.     Training programs for highly qualified personnel at the residency


Specialty Name

Specialty Code

Period of Training

(full-time attendance)


Laboratory Genetics


2 years




2 years