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The Council of Young Scientists of the Research Centre for Medical Genetics was approved at the Academic Council of the Moscow State Research Center meeting on 24 March 2008. The Council focuses on the comprehensive support of young researchers, realization of their scientific potential, creation of conditions for work, personal and social growth, and the social protection of young scientists. Kutsev I.S., the Acting Director of the FSBI RCMG, Doctor of medical science, approved the following composition of the FSBI RCMG Council of Young Scientists by his Order No. 266 dated 18 November 2015:

Chairperson of the Council is Peter A. Sparber, Junior Researcher of Laboratory of Functional Genomics, Email: psparber93@gmail.com.


Спарбер Петр Андреевич

Council Members

  • Skoblov Mikhail Yuryevich
    Кандидат биологических наук
  • Ryzhkova Oksana Petrovna
    Кандидат медицинских наук
  • Конькова Марина Сергеевна
    Кандидат биологических наук
  • Адян Тагуи Аветиковна
    Кандидат медицинских наук
  • Прошлякова Татьяна Юрьевна
    Кандидат биологических наук
  • Марахонов Андрей Владимирович
    Кандидат медицинских наук
  • Аношкин Кирилл Игоревич
  • Кальянов Андрей Александрович
  • Миронович Ольга Леонидовна