Research Centre for Medical Genetics
1 Moskvorechye St,
Moscow 115522, Russian Federation
Mo-Fr: 9:00 - 17:00

Svetlana Viktorovna graduated from the Biomedical Faculty of Pirogov Russian State Medical University in 1993 majored in biochemistry. From 1993 to the present, she has been working at the Research Centre for Medical Genetics RAMS. In 2007, she defended her thesis "Fragments of human ribosomal genes in the extracellular DNA - stress signaling factors" for the degree of Candidate of Medical Science under the supervision of Veiko N.N., Doctor of biological science. In 2014, she defended her doctoral thesis "The role of extracellular DNA in the human genome functional activity." Kostyuk S.V. published more than 70 scientific papers (in co-authorship), and received one patent. Research areas: the study of the properties and biological role of the human extracellular DNA in health and disease, functional genomics.