Biomedical Ethics Committee
Biomedical Ethics Committee

FSBI RCMG informs the Ethics Committee about any health care assistance to the population and biomedical research. The Ethics Committee conducts an independent ethical examination of the thesis works scheduled for defense at the RCMG.

Prof. Lyubov F. Kurilo, Doctor of biological science, the RF Honored Scientist, one of the leading specialists in the Russian Federation on ethical and legal aspects of human reproduction technologies, has been the Chairperson of the Biomedical Ethics Committee of FSBI Research Centre for Medical Genetics since 2005. Kurilo L.F. is a co-author of the draft law “On the Temporary Prohibition of Human Cloning”, which entered into force in 2002, and is currently extended indefinitely. From 1997 to 2003 Kurylo L.F. has been an expert of Group of Specialists on the Protection of the Human Embryo and Foetus (CDBI-CO-GT3) of the Council of Europe’s Steering Committee on Bioethics. The group of specialists published a Soft-law Instrument. Prof. Kurilo L.F. is the author and co-author of more than 500 publications.


Lyubov F. Kurilo , Doctor of biological science, Professor, the RF Honored Scientist, Chief researcher of the Reproductive Disorders Genetics Laboratory


Sabina S. Khayat , Senior researcher, Candidate of biological science of the Reproductive Disorders Genetics Laboratory.


Andreyeva Marina Vladimirovna, researcher of the Reproductive Disorders Genetics Laboratory

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