Medical Genetics monthly scientific journal
Medical Genetics monthly scientific journal

General information

ISSN 2073-7998

Chief Editor:

Evgeny K. Ginter

Doctor of medical science, Professor, Academician of RAS

Tel .: +7 (499) 612-87-63

Medical Genetics monthly scientific journal is the official publication of the Russian Society of Medical Geneticists, published since 2002.

The journal publishes articles in Russian or English that present new research results or reviews on medical genetics and human genetics, as well as on other related branches of science. The focus areas of the published works are: the human genome organization in health and disease, epigenetics, the molecular nature of monogenic diseases, cytogenetics and chromosomal diseases, hereditary metabolic diseases, genomic and post-genomic technologies for hereditary diseases diagnosis and treatment, genetics of common diseases, human population genetics and epidemiology of hereditary diseases, clinical genetics and medical genetic counseling, prenatal and pre-implantation diagnosis, ethical problems of medical genetics, the arrangement of national medical genetic service and other relevant issues of modern medical genetics.

Editorial address:

115478 Moscow, Moskvorechie Str., 1.

Tel: +7 (499) 612-80-25; +7 (499) 612-81-07;

Chief editor - Larisa V. Tarlycheva


Russian Society of Medical Geneticists

Russian Academy of Medical Sciences

Research Centre for Medical Genetics

Litera-2000 Ltd.


Dmitry A. Irishkin, Individual Entrepreneur

Tel.: (495) 518-14-51

Frequency of publications

12 annual publications (monthly). The journal is registered with the Russian Federation Ministry of Press and Information. Registration number is PI № 77-11526 of 04 January 2002.

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