Rena A. Zinchenko
Rena A. Zinchenko

Rena A. Zinchenko - Doctor of Medical Science, Professor, Deputy Director for Research and Clinical Work, FSBI RCMG; Head of the Genetic Epidemiology Laboratory; Scientific Secretary of the Dissertation Council D 001.016.01 for the defense of Candidate and Doctoral theses majored in “Genetics” (medical and biological science) based on FSBI RCMG.

She graduated from the Pediatric faculty of N. Narimanov Azerbaijan State Medical Institute with distinction in 1986. She entered the postgraduate program at the FSBI Research Centre for Medical Genetics in 1989. She has been a Researcher since 1993, a Scientific Secretary of the Institute of Clinical Genetics under RCMG in 1993-1995, a Senior Researcher, and a Leading Researcher. From 2006 to the present, she has headed the Genetic Epidemiology Laboratory of the FSBI Research Centre for Medical Genetics.

She defended her thesis "The Effect of Genetic Drift on the Territorial Distribution, as well as the Range of Hereditary Diseases in the Kirov Region Populations" in 1993. Then she defended her doctoral thesis "The epidemiology of hereditary diseases in Russian populations." in 2001. She was promoted to a professor in 2009.

Research areas: Zinchenko R.A. is a specialist in clinical and fundamental medical genetics. Zinchenko R.A. works on the specific fundamental task - the genetic epidemiology of hereditary diseases (including clinical, molecular, and population aspects). The main research data is the study of genetic differentiation of the genomes of various populations and ethnic groups of Russia by conditionally neutral genes and genes of hereditary diseases, as well as defining a mechanism for spread of hereditary diseases in human populations.

Zinchenko R.A. is Laureate of S.N. Davidenkov Prize of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences for 2000, awarded for the series of "Epidemiology of Hereditary Diseases in Some Populations of Russia". In 2008, she was awarded a diploma and a grant from the Regional Public Foundation for the Promotion of National Medicine in the field of Preventive Medicine. In 2009, she was awarded a Certificate of Merit of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences "For fruitful work on the development of medical science and health care." Some Foundations support and finance the themes developed and implemented by Zinchenko R.A. She has managed five grants from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and a grant from the President of the Russian Federation in the field of leading scientific schools on the subject of research: "Gene geography and epidemiology of hereditary diseases." since 1994.

Zinchenko R.A. prepared 11 candidates and 2 doctors of science; she is Professor at the Chair of Molecular and Cellular Genetics of Pirogov Russian State Medical University, the Russian Federation Ministry of Health. He is the author / co-author of more than 450 publications (including 280 articles in peer-reviewed journals) in various scientific journals, including Science, The Lancet, European Journal of Human Genetics, 5 monographs, 5 teaching aids. Hirsch Index - 16, Scopus - 7.

Office:  Deputy Director for Research and Clinical Work

Contact information: 115522, Moscow, ul. Moskvorechie Str., 1, phone: +7(499) 324-12-24