Science Library


Head of the library : Nina A. Valtseva.

Chief bibliographer: Lyubov M. Yakovleva

Contact information: 8(499)612-87-31

The library of the Research Centre for Medical Genetics has existed since 1972. As of 01 January 2016, the library had 41338 volumes. The book stock was formed in the BIBKOM Central Collector, bookstores, and publishing houses. The library has an interesting collection of domestic and foreign publications on medical genetics. There are unique publications dating from the beginning of the 20th century: these are the works of Medical Genetics Institute, the All-Union Institute of Experimental Medicine, the books by Davidenkova S.N., Filipchenko Yu.A. et al. The library enriched its collection with journals from the personal library of Timofeev-Resovsky N.V. The library accepted many books and subscriptions to foreign periodicals as a gift from Bochkov N.P., Ivanov V.I., Ginter E.K., Spitsyn V.A., Bulyzhenkov V.E. and many other researchers.

The library maintains a catalogue, theme files; exhibits new arrivals on weekly basis.

The library has two computers with access to the Electronic Informational and Educational Environment (EIEE) available for students.