Mass spectrometers and chromatographs:

  • High-resolution tandem mass spectrometry detector with quadrupole and electrostatic ion trap with ultra-high-performance nanoflow liquid chromatograph in kit

  • Gas chromatograph

  • 5975XL NSD/DS TURBO Cl mass spectrometer with software

  • Mass spectrometer model 3200Q (USA)

  • Wallac MS2.5 mass spectrometer for neonatal screening

  • Headspace sampler

  • Modular HPLC system model LC-20 Prominence for work with a mass spectrometer (USA)

  • CS150NX Micro-centrifuge with accessories

  • AutoFlex mass spectrometer


  • Nikon Eclipse E400f Microscope LMM804AF

  • Axio Imager microscope with Z2 tripod in kit

  • Axio Imager M1Microscope

  • Motorized microscope with stand for tripods (Japan)

  • Axio Imager Biological microscope with A2 stand for laboratory research

  • Axio Observer Microscope inverted for laboratory research with a tripod D1

  • Leica SP8 Laser confocal scanning microscope (Germany)

  • Axio Vert. A1Biological microscope inverted for laboratory research (China)

Work with cells:

  • PALM Laser microdissection system (Germany, Carl Zeise company)

  • System for capturing and processing images with software (Czechoslovakia)

  • CyFlow Space flow cytometry diagnostic system

  • CytolbView Complex for cytogenetic and morphological studies

  • Oxygraph-2k (a device for carrying out spirometric measurements in cells and tissues samples)

  • LS-55 Spectrometer

  • EnShire plus Label Free Tech (USA) Multifunctional Tablet Analyzer


A complete set of equipment for standard molecular biological techniques (electrophoresis, cloning of DNA fragments, polymerase chain reaction, isolation of nucleic acids and proteins, purification of proteins, hybridization and etc.).